Our mission is to connect gamers for shared real-world experiences by uniquely combining the visceral thrills of remote control vehicles with the endless possibilities of immersive video games.

Technology has enabled the creation of massive global online gaming communities.


But paired with social media use, less time is spent interacting with people in the real world where deep connections are formed.


This has created a hunger for tangible experiences and personal interactions.

Our history of combining AR, VR and Robotics to create shared real-world gaming experiences


Founder Pete Mauro started using wireless cameras to put pilots in the seat of custom built racing drones to race insane 3D courses.


We launched Drone Squad and created the world's largest drone racing league.

Every day, our global online community of pilots connected in the real world to fly.


Local organizers used the Drone Squad app to establish clubs, list events and run races.


The first prototype of AR SUPERCARS was developed and tested receiving universally positive feedback from gamers of all ages.


The prototype was refined and tested for 18 months with over 600 gamers.


Seeing a huge opportunity to connect gamers with AR SUPERCARS, xSCAPE Games is born.


We partnered with CXC Simulations to develop our first commercial AR SUPERCAR product based on their professional race car simulator (launching in 2020).

 Join Our Skunkworks


A skunkworks project is developed by a small, elite team who research and develop a product with breakthrough innovation on a limited budget.

Meet the xSCAPE Games Innovators

Pete Mauro
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6 years robotic racing, 20 years video gaming, HoloLens Pre-Launch Team, AR Gaming at Nokia & DreamWorks, 4 startups

Madhava Jay
AI Engineering
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15 years full stack engineering, AI, ML, CV

Howard Postley
Technical Advisor
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35 years software and hardware engineering, 10 motion picture patents

Joshua Rodriguez
Robotics Protoyping
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5 years full stack engineering, hardware prototyping

Salman Shah
Software Engineering
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ML Engineer, UCLA, BS Mathematics

Christian Aubert
Unity Development
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25 years engineering, mocap & VFX. Sony Imageworks, Digital Domain

James Powell
Sound Design
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USC, BS Music

John Teel
Hardware Advisor
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14 years microchip design at Texas Instruments, Raytheon

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